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Justin’s passion for photography has been a lifelong affair, one that has spanned the course of over 30 years. His grandfather, a renowned periodontist and masterful photographer in his own right, first introduced him to its artistry. Driven by this love of the craft, Justin has since found his calling in sports and lifestyle photography. An avid sports enthusiast, he intuitively understands how to connect with athletes behind the lens. He applies this same approach to his trade in all aspects – including in his branding, portraiture and commercial work; in essence, he has a remarkable eye for conveying a distinctive and powerful authenticity.


Moreover, Justin imparts a unique level of professionalism to his projects; in addition to his career in photography, he holds years of experience as an executive in the energy, real estate and tech industries. Thus, his expertise brings an inherent understanding of corporate culture, an innate insight into the needs of his clients and an acumen for skillful communication.


At the core, Justin has an unparalleled ability to adapt to his professional environment and cultivate genuine connections with his clients, across all sectors; as a result, he is able to deliver a fresh perspective to any project.


Justin currently resides in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area. He welcomes all projects, both near and far. 


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